Tactica offers Engineering and Technical solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual customer capturing the key metrics for that customer defining their mission success. 

Tactica offers senior managers as well as technical professionals at all levels with requisite security clearances and required licenses and registrations to meet a full range engineering and technical requirements.

At Tactica we measure performance with the three traditional metrics of Cost, Quality and Schedule and one additional metric we regard as critical; overall Customer Satisfaction.

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Geospatial Information
Services (GIS)

DUNS: 081168406        CAGE Code: 83ZZ1


Small Business NAICS Codes:

Primary:  541715 - Research and Development in the Physical,
                                 Engineering, and Life Sciences

Secondary:  517919  |  518210  |   541330  |  541370  |  541511 

                       541512  |  541513  |   541519  |  541611  |  541618

                       541620  |  541690  |   541990  |  562910  |  611430

General Fund Enterprise
Business System (GFEBS)
  • Creation and maintenance of utility, real property, and infrastructure survey data

  • Master and strategic planning

  • Safety and protection management

  • Critical mission support

  • Validate, reconcile, and correct all real property line items within GFEBS

  • Update all required supporting documentation within the real property record

  • Bring all real property records into audit compliance, taking whatever action is needed (real property photos, real property identifiers, creating/organizing real property folders)

Engineering Services
  • Support the planning, programming, design and construction requirements of our customers

  • Experience with a wide range of projects, including research, development, test and evaluation facilities for the DoD around the globe

  • Deliver repair, repair by replacement, and equipment installation, including any fabrication, procurement, logistical requirements, and commissioning

  • Provide expert Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) support to U.S. Army installations, including data collection and processing, quality control, document management and data repository solutions

  • ePRISMS data collection and development allows U.S. Army installations to have standardized baselines of all building data sets

  • Assist U.S. Army installations with space utilization and management